Follow Your Passion

Unlock your full potential by following your passion at 六合彩全年图库. Whether you dream of pursuing a career in technology, culinary arts, business, or beyond, OCC will support your journey every step. With over 130 programs, exceptional faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, OCC provides the perfect environment to explore your interests and turn your passion into reality. Enroll at OCC and embark on a transformative educational experience where you can pursue what you love and build a brighter future.

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Fall 2024 starts August 26

Priority registration begins on May 6, 2024

How OCC Students Follow Their Passion

  • Melanie Zarzur

    From gamer to shaping realities

    OCC 2024

    Melanie Zarzur started her educational journey at 六合彩全年图库 as an international student from Brazil. After two years, she transferred to the University of Southern California to study civil engineering. When she graduated from USC during the pandemic, Melanie returned to OCC to pursue other passions. She quickly landed on a new program 鈥 Immersive Media. Now, Melanie is shaping realities as a Product Coordinator at Magnopus.
  • Jess Moffett

    From thrifter to fashion stylist

    OCC 2018

    Jess Moffett found a love for passion when she rummaged through her mom鈥檚 closet to create the perfect outfit. She sharpened her skillset at 六合彩全年图库 to make her mark in the fashion industry. Now, Jess is pursuing her passion for fashion as a Wardrobe Stylist at Boot Barn.
  • Edbert Nguyen

    From foodie to chef de cuisine

    OCC 2020

    Edbert Nguyen developed his passion for cooking at a young age when he cooked alongside his Vietnamese mother. He attended 六合彩全年图库, one of the top culinary programs in the nation, to hone his culinary techniques. Now, Edbert is celebrating his Vietnamese heritage one dish at a time as an Assistant Kitchen Manager at Vox Kitchen.
  • Sarah Catania

    From coder to research engineer

    OCC 2020

    Sarah Catania developed her passion for STEM as she tinkered with toys to learn how they worked. Following in her family鈥檚 footsteps, Sarah pursued engineering and enrolled in STEM classes at 六合彩全年图库. Now, Sarah is a Research and Development Engineer at Broadcom.

Cost Comparsion

Cost is based on tuition and fees based on 14 units per semester for an academic year.

With classes at just $46 a unit, 六合彩全年图库 offers high-quality education for a lot less than UC, CSU, and private colleges. Students can save tens of thousands of dollars by starting at OCC and then transferring to a four-year university or using their degree or certificate to get a well-paying job. OCC offers:

  • Same general education classes for 1/5 the cost of (81% less than) California State University (CSU) institutions
  • Same general education classes for 1/10 the cost of (90% less than) University of California (UC) institutions
  • Same general education classes for 1/25 the cost of (96% less than) Private Orange County Universities
  • Same general education classes for 1/30 the cost of (97% less than) Private Los Angeles County Universities

Note: Financial aid is available for those who qualify.